About Us


To support and encourage living a life of your own creation, by doing what you love to do, working as hard as you can, and finding happiness in yourself and those around you.



We believe creators and entrepreneurs are driven by passion and strive for a happy and fulfilling life, not just a paycheque. Whether you're building the next big business or just practicing your craft everyday, you truly care about what you're doing. By taking pride in their creations these groups of passionate people turn what makes them happy into a sustainable and rewarding way of life.



Broke Apparel is founded and operated by Dylan Langille in Nova Scotia, Canada. With a passion for creating, Dylan wanted to start a brand that helped redefine value because we all have so much to offer. Our time, skills, experiences, kindness, gratitude, empathy, hard work, perseverance; all should be held with the highest importance.