This release has been in the works since October. Over 6 months of waiting, planning, designing, redesigning and more waiting. I knew I wanted Broke's next release to push the boundaries of what Broke normally produces. I had the opportunity to take advantage of a limited run of shirts, in colors that will only be produced once, so the design had to be different and unique too. The original concept for the design was meant to be printed with Direct-to-Garment (DTG) technology which would allow unlimited colors and free up limitations with screen-printing.

Broke Disconnect original concept design

While the design was really exciting, the printed test product wasn't up to standard. I went back to the drawing board to come up with a new screen-print friendly design but nothing seemed to measure up to the original concept. So I ignored the fact that this would be difficult to translate, and after several iterations, created a single color version that carried the original vision and could be easily screen-printed.

Broke Disconnect one color

The unique garment colors demanded a unique print color. I chose two inks that aren't widely used but worked perfectly in combination with the shirts. The Storm Green shirt got a Neon Orange and the Bone got a Neon Coral. I believe these uncommon combinations will capture the attention of those interested in something unique. As a small business, especially being printed locally, I'm immensely proud that Broke offers this truly one-of-a-kind product.

So you may be asking, what exactly is this? A bunch of random shapes and lines? Not at all. Everything is carefully thought out. The theme of the design is 'disconnect & realign', encouraging you to take a step back and refocus on your goals so you can strive for success. I pulled inspiration from a wide array of sources including actual NASA Apollo mission documents, traditional print-media registration marks, television test patterns, new and old digital technology, and the concept of visual stimulation. The back print (as shown above) is a cumulation of the inspired concepts and the theme of disconnection and alignment. The central barcode reads 'chase the dream' using the standard Code 39. It's theoretically scannable (although the decision to put the 'donut' in front may prevent this). The QR code does work and will bring you to Broke's website. The 'donut' is the conduit for the overall disconnect theme. The donut shape is a symbol of transition, think of it as a portal. The rest is various plays on alignment, connectedness, and distortion.

Broke Disconnect sleeve print

The sleeve print represents the process of taking a step back to reevaluate your goals. From left to right (top to bottom on the sleeve).

❌- Disconnect - Unplug for a moment, detach yourself from distractions
✳️ - Evaluate - What were the distractions pulling you away from? and why?
🍩 - Transition - Decide you want to make a change to better yourself
🔳 - Establish - Set your goals for how you want to change
🎯 - Align - Choose your actions to align with your goals
🙃 - Reflect - Revisit your plan, hold yourself accountable

If you just look at it and think 'cool!', without thinking further, I absolutely love that too. Either way I hope you love it as much as I loved making it, enjoy!

Check out the shirts here!


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