Brand Before Business

Before even settling on how to print and distribute the apparel I knew I couldn't wait until I was selling to start the brand. Brand is about so much more than just the product, arguably the product isn't even important. It's just the vessel for your voice, and you can use many channels to spread your message.

Immediately after deciding on the name 'Broke Apparel' I bought the domain name and set up an email address, then went and set-up my social media accounts. Ideally you want your social media names to be the same across the board, making it easier for fans and customers to find you no matter which platform they're on. I was able to get 'brokeapparelca' on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Without apparel, how can an apparel brand create content? As I said above, the product doesn't matter, it's your message and mission that's important. Broke targets entrepreneurs and wants to help empower everyone to live life on their own terms. Motivational quotes are a great way to share powerful and thought provoking messages, and there's no shortage of quotes. So I created posts with the little content I had in order to share updates on the apparel, and I shared quotes to spread inspiration and gave people a reason to continue following. We slowly began to build a base and were able to get people excited about the products coming out. By the time we had apparel, there was not only people to share it with, but I was getting better at creating posts, knowing when to post them and how to utilize each platform.

Don't be discouraged to start if you think there's nothing to share. Share posts that interest you, or relate to your brand (giving proper credit of course). You don't have to have original content or even good content. The only way to improve is to try, test and adjust. You will get better, you will build connections and relationships, everything will fall into place, but you have to start. It will never be perfect, perfection comes after, and only after, progression. The only way to progress is to try, and test, and fail. You'll learn and you'll grow.


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