5 Tips to Save Money

What would you do with some extra coin in your pocket? Save for a vacation, invest for the future, treat yo'self? We could all use it in some way or another, but how do we get it? Here are 5 easy tips to help you hold on to your hard earned cash.

1- Wait

Wait, what? One of the best ways to not spend money is to, well, not spend it. Stick with us for a moment. Instead of running to the checkouts with your must have item in hand, ask yourself, is it a must have? Put it back and wait 30 days, if you manage to live just fine without it, chances are you don't need it and you don't need to waste your dough. Keep this in mind next time you get the impulse to buy.

2- Drink More Water

You may be asking yourself, are these tips for saving money or healthy living? We wanted to give you some advice you might not have heard before, so keep reading, we promise it will help. Not only is water better for you, it's free. Instead of chugging a bottle of pop or 2 venti nonfat iced vanilla frappuccinos with no whip everyday, go for a glass of water. It adds up.

3- Share Your Dreams

Seriously! If you open up about what your goals and ambitions are to your friends and family on a regular basis, that's what they'll think of when it comes time to buy gifts. They'll be supporting you, you'll receive items you actually want, and you save money! It's a win-win-win.

4- Cancel Unused Memberships

When's the last time you went to the gym? That's probably all we need to say about that.

5- Shop for the Holidays After the Holidays

The best time to buy Halloween candy is when it's 50% percent off, and that only happens the days after Halloween. Use this principle when shopping for holiday decorations, gifts for the family or overpriced Valentines Day cards. You'll have to think a year ahead of time, but one-year-older-you will thank you.


  • Cindy

    Good advice. We need frequent reminders of these rules

  • Jean Langille

    Interesting message and true

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